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One of my favorite things to do (besides painting) is to travel. I've seen lots of places: some in Europe and many
many more in the USA. I also love to take photos which I use later either in my artwork, book or a scrapbook. In the
past three years I have spent six months out of the year traveling. I've seen and learned a lot and I would like to
share this with you. The world is indeed beautiful. Naturally beautiful, and when "people" try to change this it
sometimes goes bad. But, the good news is, if left alone nature usually heals itself. Here's to letting nature do its own

Here are some of my traveling "wisdoms":

- Never go anywhere without at least some previous knowledge of the culture, history, and weather conditions; that
way you are not wasting time finding interesting things to do and see.

- Wherever you go remember that you are a visitor and you are expected to adjust to the culture not the culture to
you. That is after all what you expect of the visitors in your own town.

- Never forget that you represent your town or country wherever you go. If you behave poorly people will think that
that is how all the people behave wherever you are coming from and vice versa: if you are nice they will think all
your country men are nice and welcome them in their land.

- Learn a few phrases of a foreign language. It shows that you care and you are not a snot.

- SMILE when you talk to the people and, as grandpa always told us, take home more garbage that you brought with
you and let's keep this beautiful and precious world clean…

- Click on the arrow and it will take you the list of places I visited so far.