ITALY: Perugia; Umbria - Day One
Perugia - Church
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Day One
We stopped here to spend the night and learned
two things: that the Italian language that my
husband learned from his grandpa does not work
well and can get you in trouble and ordering a tall
beer means exactly that: a tall beer, a really tall beer.

Our first impression of the town was not very good, the streets were dark and empty and
we could not find a good restaurant so we kept walking and finally reached the center of
town, and there they were: it seemed like the whole population of town was walking up
and down the public square or, as it is called by Italians, piazza, discussing who knows
what and that is how we experienced our first "La Passeggiata" and loved it. Our hunt for
a restaurant turned out to be successful and the menu was in English.
Our next mission was to find a dessert and we decided to try out some of the famous Italian "gelato"
and my husband decided to try out his Italian ordering it. After a few strange looks and unfriendly
glances we decided it would be better to use the combination of hands and English. It worked and
soon we were walking around the piazza with ice-cream
cones in our hands and happy smiles on our faces. After a
discussion with our kind hotel hostess about our attempt
to order the ice-cream in Italian, my husband decided
that it would be much better idea to stick with English
from then on.

Perugia is the center of the Italian province of Umbria.
The city itself is even older than Rome and its history
goes back to Etruscan times and it is first mentioned
in 310 BC.
Well… that still doesn't mean that we knew what
we ordered and one of the things that we ordered
was as simple as beer. While we were chatting
with a lovely couple seated next to us, my husband
convinced the waiter that nothing but a tall beer
would do. A little while later a tall beer arrived and
our eyes got unusually big and wide open: it was
the biggest glass of beer we have ever seen -
except the one in the world book of records - while
our new acquaintances looked with curiosity if my
husband would be able to drink it all. Well… he did
and he managed to walk back to the hotel too