ITALY: Asissi; Umbria - Day Two
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It definitely has the most beautiful ceramics we have seen so far. The patterns are
very intricate and beautifully executed in vibrant colors. The art galleries hold some
high quality art that is tastefully presented. Despite numerous other visitors Assisi
radiated peace and serenity that we did not find else where. Oh, and the views from
almost any part of the town take your eyes almost into eternity… And the lesson that
we learned here? Franciscan monks do not and I say DO NOT like to be
Day Two
The next day we were on our way to visit one of the most famous pilgrimage towns in Europe:
Assisi. It is also very well known to art historians because of the frescos in the basilica of St.
Francis that were done by Giotto who is one of the gratest painters and architects of the
Italian Renaissance.

Our first stop was at the Patriarchal Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels it holds the Shrine of the
Porziuncola, a town around 5 km from Assisi. Porziuncola is the place where Saint Francis
lived, founded his Franciscan religious order and died.
St. Francis is one of the most popular Roman Catholic saints who lived in the 12th century. From a rich and spoiled kid he
changed into the humble man who reformed the church. He was known for his love of the poor whom he gave everything.
Convinced that violence and war were wrong, St. Francis believed in peaceful dialogue with all our brothers and sisters.
The city of Assisi turned out to be one of our
favorite cities on this trip. We found it small but
beautiful and also very clean and not overly