ITALY: Pitigliano; Tuscany - Day Three
Pitigliano - Panorama
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Day Three
I read about the Etruscan remains and seen pictures of old towns and natural spas in the southern part of Tuscany called
Maremma. The architecture seemed so interesting and somewhat different than the other Tuscan hill-towns so I really
wanted to see it. As we were approaching the first town on our list, called Pitigliano, we did not know what to expect. The
nature looked a bit wilder and less cultivated than elsewhere. Then the road turned and the whole town was in front of us
- carved into the rock with thousands of birds floating in the air, we stopped our car to see this incredible sight.
We walked towards the wall
that surrounds the town and
found a gate into the city.
While walking through the gate
we noticed a little shop full
of wine, oils and cheese.
We had to stop. We walked
around the shop and discovered
a set of stairs. We looked at the
saleswoman and she nodded her head.
Yes! We went down and saw the most amazing
wine and cheese cellar. It was dug into the soft rock and had
several small rooms that were connected by tunnels. Perfect
temperature, perfect place. We bought a couple of bottles of wine.
We wanted the red wine called Pitiglio and they told us that it is
not as good as are the others they sold. We insisted because we
liked the name and we wanted to try the local wine. We opened it
here at home and it was exactly what we expected - light, flavorful
red wine that brought back the memories of this beautiful town.
We walked the town, took tons of photos, and truly enjoyed the
atmosphere and people and the fact that there were less tourists,
and locals seemed to live more modest lives than elsewhere in
Tuscany. The narrow streets and passages, plaster coming off the
walls, rocks and architectural marvels, big and small windows, big
and small doorways, clothes hanging under the windows or across
the street, potted flowers, plants and trees and once in a while a
tiny three wheeled car - squeezing through, than a mom with a
baby sitting on a doorstep, an open window that offers a peek into
a kitchen where someone is cooking a lunch and it smells so darn
good that your stomach starts to rumble. As we are leaving I turned
back and there is this old lady walking through an arched passage
and the light is perfect so I snap a photo. I wait for a second and
she is followed by a man, another photo and later I paint a
, several actualy...