ITALY: Florence, Tuscany - Day Four
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Day Four
We stopped in Florence a couple of times. We were walking down the streets realizing that those were the same streets, the
same rocks and even some of the same buildings that Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were looking at some 500 years ago.
Florence is full of life like most of the Tuscan cities but still
keeps its character. Parking of course is impossible to find or is
unbelievably expensive so we tried to park quite a way from
the centro and walked and walked all day long. Of course we
had to see the famous Ponte Vecchio.
We seen it in the misty daylight, we've seen it in the morning,
we've seen it at noon but our favorite was at sunset. We would
walk along the river Arno, lean on its walls and stare at the old
bridge. So much history, so many people, so beautiful...

Sometimes we would walk on a bridge, find a
free spot behind a pillar, under the arched
openings and just sit and watch people walk by or
sometimes paddle down the river. I remember
oriental looking people making animals from
grass and selling them to the tourists. My husband
bought me a frog. We would walk across and buy
a slice of pizza at the corner and later have a
fantastic dinner at a restaurant hanging above the
river so close to the bridge that you could wave to
the people looking over the fence.
My husband bought me a Calla
Lilly - my favorite flower and I
was proudly carrying it around all
day and also took it to the before
mentioned restaurant. A few
glasses of wine later I realized
that I do not have a vase to put it
in. The result: we gave it to the
waitress who was thrilled and my
husband made at least two ladies
happy that day.
Once we walked across a bridge and continued
along side a huge palace with equally huge doors
which were open. We peeked through and
noticed a beautiful courtyard. We walked through
the door into the hallway and started to take
pictures through the wrought-iron gate that was
closing the entrance into the garden. After we
were done we turned around and "Oh, my God!"
the big doors silently shut behind us and we
realized that we were trapped. My husband
grabbed the 10 inch thick and 15 foot tall wooden
doors and tried to pry them apart. I knew that my
muscles will not help much so I started to look
around and spotted a small door that was built
into one of the big doors some 2 feet from the
ground I opened the tiny door and we climbed
through and into the street to the amusement of
passer-byers. My husband mumbling: I bet they
have a hidden camera somewhere…and they're
laughing at us right now!"