ITALY: Cortona; Tuscany - Day Five
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Cortona - City Hall
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Day Five
Prior to our trip we saw the movie
"Under the Tuscan Sun" so we wanted to
see Cortona where a part of the move was shot.
We were under the impression that Cortona has this
fantastic fountain where everybody gathers. So we
climbed the steep and narrow allies to reach the center
of the town. It was morning time and the city was just waking up. Merchants were
opening their stores, setting up fruit and vegetable stands, bringing out displays with all
kinds of arts and crafts while sipping on strong Italian espresso.
We walked the streets, bought some
fruit, enjoyed the dramatic light and
shadows of an early morning sun,
found a beautiful park with a
fantastic view of the valley and the
hills that surround Cortona walked
back the narrow street and there it
was: a little Italian funny looking dog,
blinking into the sun, sitting in front
of a tall gray building just a few feet
from a fruit stand. The light was
perfect, the atmosphere was fantastic
and a memory was made. Oh, and if
there is a fountain in Cortona… we
never found it.