Slovenia: Praproce
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Welcome to my favorite place in the
world, welcome to my birthplace,
welcome to Praproce!
You will find our little village noth-west of Ljubljana, the
Capitol of Slovenia.
On the photo above is our family home - right next to the
Village Church of St. George.

Fall is a very nice time for exploring and mushroom
picking that is very popular in Slovenia.
Our church was built through the centuries and each period of time
left a trace. Its beginnings go back to the 12 century. You will find a
baroque pulpit and a funny face at the beginning of the gothic

The tower has 3 bells. The oldest and the smallest is from the 16th
century and is made of bronze and silver. It has fantastic, crystal,
clear sound. All the bells use to be from that era. Unfortunately two
of them got melted into the canon balls during the First World War
and were later replaced by the new ones that sound not nearly as
The mountain above the village is
called Big Grass.

The oldest stable in the village has
beautiful architectural details inside.

Spring is the most beautiful time of
the year. Everything blooms and
everything is unbelievably green.

Our village has a lot of fruit trees. A
lot of fruit is eaten fresh, some is dried
and cooked and what is left is made
into the brandy. Every family claims to
have the best brandy around if not in
all of Slovenia.

Hayracks (right) are typical Slovenian
architecture. It is the hayrack that
greets travelers at the beginning of
our village. Their purpose is to dry the
hay. They were designed and built by
farmers who had no architectural
education. Contemporary architects
were trying to develop it further but
were unsuccessful. The hayrack is
perfect and every part is functional.
And if you go straight through the village and turn left at the end, the road will lead you
on another hill that offers a view from the south-west.
Na svidenje!
Bye, bye!
Below is the video of one
beautiful spring morning
when the crickets were
singing their regular salute
to spring, the sun was
shining and the grass was
cut for the first time…
This mushroom is called Umbrella
and if you cook it right, it tastes as