ITALY: Lucca, Tuscany - Day Seven
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Day Seven
On the other
hand Lucca was
a real discovery.
The downtown is
surrounded by a
big wall that is
wide enough to
have a road on
the top where we
saw a lot of
people jogging.
At first we were walking through
narrow streets that were quite dark
due to the very tall baroque
buildings and grayish black façades.
Than we found an exhibition of
Leonardo da Vinci's machines and
inventions which was exceptional,
an open piazza with a very lively
outdoor market, street performers
singing under the arches of "Loggia"
where such activities have gone on
for hundreds of years.
We found a store with the most perfect kitchen and a local "trattoria"
that had a wonderful atmosphere and good food. What more would
you want?
It was on Sunday after church that we decided to get
some gas so that we will be ready for our trip home.
Sounds simple doesn't it? Well it turns out that on
Sundays all Italians that work at the gas stations take
a day off so you are left to the mercy of the automated
pumps. After this discovery we first tried to understand
what the directions were saying and since they were
all in Italian we did not know much more than we did
before, but we did discover a slot for money. Then we
lifted the nozzle and…, and…, NOTHING! No gas, not
a single drop. We started to push buttons and still
My husband tried his "muscle power" and the machine simply ignored him. He went across the street, steaming, and tried
to find a person that could help but first they had to understand English. If nothing else we would like our cash back. Well
he found an English speaking person: a Chinese who did not have a clue how to work the pump. I kept pushing the buttons
and finally the thing started to rumble and spit out a COUPON!!! While we were staring at the thing, this lady came, stuck
the money in, filled her car with gas and left… and we suddenly got the feeling that it was the time to go home.