USA: Williamsburg and Yorktown
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Some of the most important historical sites in the US are found in the state of
Virginia. We truly enjoyed visiting two of them: Williamsburg, and Yorktown.

WILLIAMSBURG was the political and cultural center of Britain’s largest colony in the
New World from 1699 to 1780. It also played the vial roll in the fight for the
independence and hosted some of the most famous Americans: George Washington
and Thomas Jefferson.
The whole town is a
People are dressed
in historical costumes
(even kids), the
buildings are beautify
preserved, everything
is very clean and
tasteful and it is open
all year around.
People actually live in those
gorgeous colonial houses and
dress as they would in the early
18th century, they plant the
gardens as they would than and
kids pay games as they would
than. And they even have slaves
(well… actors that play their roles
very convincingly)!!!
We were learning about the history
and watch the historical
reenactments of the battles,
speeches, and life it self. We even
tried out the pillory or
"stretch-neck," called "the essence
of punishment" in England.
And this how the Williamsburg got
to be:
America's first permanent English settlement, called Jamestown, was established in
Virginia in 1607 on an island in the James River. Since the conditions in the new
settlement were not very favorable, the colonists moved inland, on the higher ground
by the late 17th century. They located the spot about five miles from the original
settlement and decided that this is going to be the colony’s new capitol and named it
Williamsburg (after King William III).
YORKTOWN is a lot smaller than Williamsburg but also incredibly charming. This
is where Lord Cornwallis and his British troops surrendered to the General
George Washington which ended the Revolutionary War. Yorktown Victory
Monument celebrates this event.