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(5920 feet above see level) lies in the northern part of Idaho, which is one of the least populated states in the country. All I
knew about the state of Idaho, prior to this visit, was that the state is considered the biggest potato producer in America.

I also didn’t know if the name “Sun Valley“ is the name of the valley or town. It turned out that both presumptions were
correct: it is the name of a resort community and also considered as the name of the surrounding region that include the
charming towns of Ketchum and Hailey.
The city also has a
farmers market where
local farmers sell their
produce once a week.
There are also
craftsmen, musicians
and plenty of good food
that smells so good that
you just have to have
Pictures on the left are from downtown Hailey
where they have a BBQ every Thursday and Friday
(Summer Time).
One of the most famous residents of this valley was the
writer Ernest Hemingway, who spent his last years
here, together with his fourth wife. His granddaughter
Mariel Hemingway still lives here. My husband and I
visited his grave and were surprised to find that
people instead of flowers bring bottles to his grave…

Hemingway was not the only famous person living
here; Bruce Willis for instance owns a ski resort, other
famous faces that have homes here are Tom Hanks,
Clint Eastwood, Mohamed al-Fayed, John Kerry,
Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc…
Sawtooth Valley
We spent one of our afternoons by the
beautiful mountain lake - Redfish Lake.
Redfish Lake
The lake was named after a certain type of a salmon that is endangered now and if they catch you with it you end up in
prison for a year or pay a big fine.
is about 60 miles east from Sun Valley.
The landscape is just incredible, dark
and rugged, looking like the lava just
stopped moving a week ago although
it is 2000 years old.
The roads through the park are good and there are also many boards
with information about the lava and other volcanic phenomena.
From these I found out that there are fast running and slow running lavas
that cool down and harden in different ways. Sometimes there is a lava
bubble right underneath the surface that leaves behind holes in the
shape of a giant egg and sometimes there is a whole underground river
of lava that makes caves and tunnels. Even the craters are not all the
same, they have different shapes, forms and they are of course different
Anatomy of the Crater
The wall of the crater
Oxidized Cinders
Bathtub ring – this is how high the
lava pool once was
Main crater
This is just one of the tunnels (right) that were
created by the underground river of lava. The
entrance is wide and has stairs, but you have to
drag yourself through a small hole in the ground
to get out.
I loved it.