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Most common thing to do in LAS VEGAS, NV is of course gambling and watching
thousand and one entertainer - some dressed into an elaborate costumes and
some… well… not so much. Oh, and we also all know prostitution is legal in
Nevada. Since this is all common knowledge I don't have to write about it much. I
can't give you much advice on gambling other than gamble only with the money
that you don't need and good luck to you! You are on your own as far the
prostitution goes, but I would really recommend
you to see at least one Vegas Show. They
have them for all tastes, wallets and moral
values. There are also thousand and one
restaurant and if you leave Vegas hungry you
either lost all your money at the casino or, or,
or,… well I can't find any other reason.
When I went to
Vegas for the first
time, I had no idea
that city is actually
surrounded by the
dessert mountains.
Somehow I
pictured it sitting
on the flat land.

I have also noticed
that skyscrapers practically grow and
disappear almost over night, which makes
some of my photos look "historic" even if I
took them only two years ago. Vegas has
around 1.7 million inhabitants with over
1000 and sometimes up to 4000 moving in every month. My favorite thing in Las
Vegas is the architecture. Casinos, with attached hotels and shopping centers,
have details of architectural styles from ancient Egypt to the latest architectural
invention that exists and they are all by, or close to the main street which is
known as Las Vegas Strip. I was a bit disappointed when I saw the Eiffel's Tower.
Seeing the real thing in Paris makes this one its poor rendition at best. Venetian
is certainly one of the most impressive Casinos with the canals, gondolas, and all,
but I didn't expect it to be so crammed between other buildings.
I also enjoyed Bellagio's "dancing" fountains
that "spit" water as high as 460 feet from a
total of 1,214 water-emitting devices. Las
Vegas also hosts fantastic exhibitions. Last
ones I saw were the "Treasures from the
Kremlin" and "Impressionists".
I also spent a fun
afternoon at the Madame
Tussaud's Wax Museum
where they took my
"famous" photo with Brad
Pitt; so don't forget your
camera and a friend or
two! You will have a lot
more fun that way. Want
more things to do? Get
one of those free Vegas
brochures and it will tell
you exactly what is going
on, where it is, how much
it costs, and it will give
you even some discount
Don't want to pay the full price ticket for the show? They have half
price ticket kiosks (Tix4tonight) that sell discounted tickets but don't
expect to find them for the most popular ones.

Vegas is first and foremost made for tourists so if you can imagine it
they will probably have whatever it is that you want or would like to
do. And if they don't have it they will find it else where and bring it
to you - for a proper compensation of course. And one more thing:
there will be a lot of walking, but public transportation up and down
the Strip is frequent and reasonably priced.
If you get tired of the city, neon lights and sounds of gambling machines than you can use Las Vegas as a starting point for
many different trips. First and the closest is of course the desert followed by Desert Mountains where you can find snow is
you are in Vegas during the winter time and for some reason start to miss it not to mention wonderful views. Grand Canyon
is a bit far if you are driving by yourself but they offer bus and helicopter tours which might be better choice. There are also
Lake Mead and Hoover Dam which you can easily see in one day and if you feel adventures than take a trip to Oatman…

Lake Mead is a fresh water reservoir for about 22 million people. It has many
picnic and recreational areas. It is located in the Mohave Desert and they say that
the best time to visit it is in the spring when the desert blooms.

28.5 million acre feet (35 km³) of water is held back by the Hoover Dam which
supplies electricity to about 1.3 million people. 21000 people were building it in a
span of five years. It was finished in 1939. With the cement they used they could
build 1m wide sidewalk around the world. It is an amazing structure with
fascinating history and construction details.