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Oatman is located about 3 hours drive West from Las Vegas. I
stumbled upon it by accident. I was driving through the
desert, got lost, and found myself on the famous Rout 66,
which was the main highway between Chicago in San
Francisco between years 1920 and 1960. The nature was
pretty, cactuses interesting and soon I was stopped by two
DONKEYS!!! When we reached an agreement that my car is
more powerful that they are I slowly drove further and noticed
the traffic sign with a donkey on it and bushes with Christmas
like decorations on them. On the base of all these facts I
came to a conclusion that something interesting must be hidden behind
the corner. Soon I was greeted by the sign:
"Welcome to Oatman, Arizona".
Since I didn't even notice that I left Nevada I figured it must have been the donkeys fault. The sign also promised "step back
in time, and shopping, and something called wild burros, which turned out to be nothing else but my old friends down the
road: therefore more donkeys coming up…
Oh, yes,... that was a trip
worth taking. Oatman turned
out to be a small, no, not
small but tiny desert town
with its 49 houses, all
huddled under the
mountains and lined up by
the main street, dust
covering everything and
everybody, looking just like
one of those towns that you
usually only see in the old
western movies.
There the were: old houses, some falling
apart, shops with wooden sidewalks, and
the saloon with pretty good burger and
walls full of one dollar bills. I found one
that sad: Osbourn's were here and was
signed by Sharon Osbourn so I figured out
that this must be a much better known
place that I thought...
It turned out that in its heyday in
early 20th century it was not
uncommon to see movie stars
like Clark Gable walking down
the street towards the (than
rather famous) Oatman Hotel.

Oatman was a thriving gold
mining community back than
and for about $10 you can still
get a gold panning lesson or
As I was sitting quietly in the bar and eating my
burger I all of the sudden heard big commotion
with yelling, arguing and gun shots right in
front of my window although no one but me
seemed excided. With my eyes wide open I
found out that this happens at least twice a
day and it is only a show which proceeds
went toward the local hospital. I joined the
crowd and came just in time to have an old
hat put in front of me with the expectation
of those green bills… Oh, and about the
promise of more donkeys: they were
everywhere - but I don't think they really
are completely wild.