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As I was driving through the state of Pennsylvania, I decided to stop at the heart of
Amish country and learn about this interesting community.
The Amish are a religious group that has its beginnings in
one of the Anabaptist groups that started in 16th Century
in Swiss. Each community is slightly different - some are
very strict and some not so much. Traditional Amish do
not have electricity or phone and use horses and mules as
means of transportation.
They wear traditional
clothing; men wear
hats and long beards
and women have
their heads covered
and wear long skirts.
They do not like
having their pictures
I visited the town of Intercourse, (yes;
they do have t-shirts that say: "I love
Intercourse") which name I found quite
amusing, but it turned out that the
meaning of the name is quite different
than what it sound like, and most likely
comes from the early days of the village
when it was used to describe 'fellowship'
and 'social interaction and support'. The
town is very lovely with many things to
do. You can watch the girls can the fruit
or vegetables (whatever is in the season
at the moment) or go on a buggy ride.
They had a charming band playing on
the street and many lovely shops with
Amish products and probably the best
ice-cream I have ever tasted!
Yes, Amish people are successfully adapting to the modern age while preserving
their traditional values: kids take care of their parents as they age and they only
marry at certain times of the year when there is less work around the farms and
more time to celebrate.
This would be the place to try your milking
the stores and banks.
As I was sitting on a buggy
and enjoyed the peace
and tranquility of this
farming community
while watching the
mules that were are
pulling the plows and
women hanging clothes,
I was suddenly faced
with the reality: a buggy
going through the
drive-thru ATM!!! I later
discovered that horses
with buggies even have
special parking spots by