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Welcome to Piran,
Piran is an old medieval town located on the tip of
the peninsula that is the westernmost part of Slovenia
on the Adriatic coast.
It is a gem of Venetian Gothic architecture with narrow streets, which tend to be crowded at the height of summer.

Piran's long history dates back to the ancient Greeks, and also has well-preserved remnants
of the medieval town walls that were built as protection against Turkish raiders and still protect
it to the east.

The city of Piran signed a trade treaty with Venice in 933 AD, which brought prosperity and
vivacious trading of a precious item: salt. Piran started to gain power which led to war with
Venice in 1282 AD. The war was lost but resulted in relative peace and prosperity.

In the 18th and 19th century the town expanded onto reclaimed land by the outer harbor.
The Maritime Museum, has compelling exhibits on seafaring and
salt-making, which have been important to Piran's development over
the centuries.
In the center of town is Tartini Square
with the house where the famous
musician Giussepe Tartini was born,
as well as the monument erected to
him and the Venetian house

Above the Square is the Cathedral of
St. George with many beautiful views
of the Slovenian, Italian and Croatian
I just love those
lovely houses,
romantic statues
in front of the
windows with
vines around
them, even half
Olive trees,
vineyards, little
villages, sun and
the sea and, ah...
the food..., life
seems to be so
good here...
Piran’s surroundings:
... solders in the middle of
little hidden piazzas, and
of course narrow streets
with clothes hanging
above your head.
The surrounding area with its favorable Mediterranean climate, offers suitable
conditions for the production of vegetables, wine, and olive-products.
I also like to sit in one of the restaurants that are located
right by the see and watch people go by, and fishermen
arriving into the port with their fresh catch of the day,
which will be most likely turned into delicious meal on the
same evening.