Slovenia: Hrastovlje
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Hrastovlje is a little village hidden from
masses of tourists yet not far from
popular costal towns. It is one of those
special jewels that is known mostly to
history buffs and art lovers. There are
no hotels and fancy restaurants. I love
Welcome to Hrastovlje,
Painted along the southern wall, it is among the best preserved paintings of this
well-known medieval theme anywhere. It demonstrates the principle of justice,
completely incorruptible and inescapable for all - young and old, rich and poor, powerful
and powerless. Death will get as all…
Houses made of rock in typical coastal architecture and surrounded by vineyards,
have been there for centuries.
However; the discovery of the Gothic
frescoes of the Death Dance - usually
referred to as Dance Macabre - under
several coats of white paint, are rare, well
preserved, and a complete example of
one of the most famous images of
medieval iconography, has established
the church of St.Trinity at Hrastovlje as
one of the most significant cultural
monuments of Slovenia.
Dating back to the 12th century, the church is Romanesque in
architectural style.
Famous frescos were painted by Master Janez from Kastva
(magister Johannes de Castua) who was associated with the
well-known Castua painting school and was known for his
individual style through work in the churches of the region.
He received commission to paint Hrastovlje in 1482 and
completed it in 1490.
Although the village is
somewhat remote, the
church is open for visitors
and has audio guides in
several languages and
because of its uniqueness
is certainly worth visiting.